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Whip a legion of Star Wars loyalists into a frenzy? Hell yeah, we’re game. To promote the fresh addition of Star Wars: the Force Awakens, to the iconic Star Wars franchise, Lucas Films & Disney Interactive created a free app available for download on iOS & Android. Blacksmith Co. & agency North Kingdom tag-teamed a teaser video to generate global buzz online and in the press.

The result is an intuitive and real-time app experience that turns your mobile device into your very own Star Wars companion, featuring breaking news notifications, facts about things that happened on this day in Star Wars history, a weather app for the different Star Wars planets and of course a countdown to the release The Force Awakens and other titles in the franchise.
The Star Wars App is the digital Hub for the breadth of the Star Wars franchise. It brings together perpetual news, events, and original content to an ever-evolving and active dashboard that also delivers exclusive interactive content and experiences.

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