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2D Character Animation
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Partnering with the ingenious minds at Meta, Blacksmith embarked on a visionary animation project that delved into the heart of workplace dynamics. The objective was clear: to encapsulate Meta's profound research on the contrasts between in-office work and remote work through captivating animation.

The canvas of creativity stretched wide as we envisioned crafting not one, but four distinctive 30-second 2D animated videos. Guided by Meta's insightful scripts, our creative compass led us towards a visual voyage marked by playful kinetic typography treatments seamlessly interwoven with minimalist illustrated narrative elements.


The narratives took center stage, articulating the nuanced dance between in-office camaraderie and remote work's realm. One storyline illuminated how remote work shapes our collaborative landscape, presenting a paradox where close-knit circles of colleagues evolve, birthing deep connections while shrinking networks.
The query echoed: "How might we empower hybrid workers to forge expansive networks?"

Assembling a darn good team, we summoned a creative director, illustrator & designers, nimble animators, and a wordsmith extraordinaire. A symphony of skills united to execute a visionary approach that harmonized typography and subtle illustration to amplify script narratives.


Collaboration knew no bounds as digital realms hosted our virtual atelier. Text-based storyboards flourished first, cultivated by collective fun-having. They metamorphosed into charming designs and illustrations, each presenting a creative bloom. Nods of approval ignited our journey into production's embrace.

The challenge loomed—how to choreograph visuals that complemented the script's melody, never overpowering its resonance. Our solution, a marriage of typography and artful minimalism, became our alchemical secret. Typography swirled like poetic notes, while minimalist illustrations whispered harmony.


Echoes of digital applause reverberated as Meta's internal audience embraced the animation. The internal unveiling ignited hymns of acclaim, validating the resonance. These animations, painted with a palette of humor and creativity, resonated and amplified the essence of work dynamics across realms.

In synergy with Meta, Blacksmith's animation odyssey thrived. Our canvas translated research into visual narratives that breathed life into workplace insights. Typography and art danced harmoniously, forging an impactful journey. The raves from Meta's internal chambers affirmed the potency of storytelling through animation—a testament to the alchemy of creative collaboration.

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