A Tasty System for Drinkworks to Develop Product Photography.

We got our hands dirty, straight up!
Drinkworks, a joint venture between Anheuser Busch and Keurig and the producer of the Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig, needed product photography for their pods, which works much like Keurig’s coffee pods but for cocktails. They're little recyclable plastic containers consisting of liquid, not powder, and the tubes in which a set of four pods comes in. Now to the problem. Their product didn't exist to be photographed yet.

We teamed up with the magical geniuses over in Boston to figure it out. The result? A 3D product 'shoot'. A modular Photoshop template rendered in layers which lets Drinkworks, with ease, pick and choose render assets to use in their various marketing channels was created. At 4K resolution. The template comes with two camera angles, but alternative views can be added easily. The layers all consist of shadows, reflections, the tubes, the pods (all in separate layers) and the backdrop. With that said we left Drinkworks in full controll of compositing after the fact that we were out of the picture. Now that's delicious, baby!


CAD clean up / Reptopologizing
Texturing / Shading
Layered rendering


Cheif Product Officer: Kristin McNelis
Creative Director / Art Director: Christian Johansson
Senior Designer: Vanessa Weego



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