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In the world of content creation, Postmates initiated a unique endeavor with their celebrated YouTube series, "The Receipt." This series aimed to uncover the culinary tastes of celebrities, and in this particular installment, the spotlight fell on the captivating Issa Rae. The challenge for Blacksmith was to convey Issa Rae's diverse and discerning palate in a concise 45-second video, using only photography and typography. The result was a cinematic journey that paid homage to the golden era of Hollywood while sharing Issa Rae's culinary experiences with Postmates.


Issa Rae's culinary preferences were a delightful tapestry of flavors and cultures. The task was to transform her diverse food choices into a visually engaging narrative. Without the use of live-action footage, Blacksmith had to rely solely on the potential of photography and typography to vividly depict Issa Rae's dining adventures with Postmates.

Blacksmith drew inspiration from Issa Rae's deep connection with Los Angeles and the timeless allure of Hollywood. The creative vision took the form of a tribute to vintage Hollywood projectors, creating a cinematic aura. Typography assumed a prominent role with flickering text reminiscent of classic film projections, paired with subtle film burn marks and the textured charm of grainy film. Each frame became a nod to the elegance and nostalgia of a bygone era.


Blacksmith seamlessly wove together captivating visuals and persuasive typography in animation production. Each photograph was thoughtfully chosen to capture the essence of the dish and the sheer joy of savoring it. Typography flickered across the screen, narrating Issa Rae's vibrant culinary journey with Postmates. The outcome was a captivating 45-second video that ventured beyond the usual content formats.



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