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In the ever-evolving landscape of creative projects, there are moments that demand innovation and adaptability. The "Packages" project by hims & hers, entrusted to Blacksmith, is a prime example of turning challenges into opportunities, resulting in a vibrant animated video that resonates with the audience.


The journey began in March 2020 when hims & hers, a trailblazing brand, approached Blacksmith with an ambitious video project: "Packages." Initially conceptualized to be shot in-camera, the project was set to capture the essence of hims & hers' nationwide product delivery service. However, the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic brought about unprecedented challenges, as film production studios shuttered their doors due to safety restrictions.

Amidst adversity, Blacksmith envisioned a 3D rendition of "Packages." The pivotal question emerged: How to maintain the project's visual impact while navigating the constraints imposed by the pandemic? The answer was to embrace stylization. Adopting a bordering vector style, each set was meticulously crafted with a limited color palette. This decision not only circumvented the roadblock of photorealism but also became a defining element that contributed to the project's unique identity.


Central to hims & hers' message was the resolute commitment to their customers during the trying times of Covid-19. "Packages" aimed to communicate that, despite the challenges, their products would be delivered to doorsteps nationwide, unwavering and undeterred. Blacksmith, in response, designed 12 doorstep sets spanning iconic locations like Brooklyn, Albuquerque, New Mexico, all the way to the wilds of Alaska. Each set encapsulated the essence of the region, bridging the geographical distances and forging an emotional connection with viewers.


The culmination of these efforts is a visual symphony that captures the spirit of "Packages." It transcends the barriers of style, medium, and pandemic-induced limitations. Blacksmith's artistry transformed challenges into triumphs, underscoring the brand's unyielding commitment. The success of this project, propelled by the dynamic partnership between hims & hers and Blacksmith, not only achieved its immediate goals but also set a precedent for adaptability, innovation, and creativity in the face of uncertainty.

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