BRIEF, Issue #11

September 12, 2022
2 min read
Just Make what you love!
That is the mindset we inherit from watching the work of Rachael Doucette in this edition of Brief.

Around the World in 80 Days opening titles

Nominee 2022 Bafta Craft Awards
Produced at Huge Designs

Pass the Ball

Idea: 3-second animation of a ball.
Pass it to someone in another country.
They pick up where you left off.

40 animators.
40 months in the making…


Let's start the week with a shot of energy and wellness from the hand of @gympass
Client: Gympass, Direct by BUDA.tv

Lil Wayne ft. Kendrick Lamar - Mona Lisa (Official Animated Video)

This is a Heist movie with a horror twist, set in a grimy New Orleans. Lil Wayne is the Mastermind, Kendrick is the Clean up guy and the girls used as bait just happen to be vampires.

It Can Be Anything

Rachel has an intellectual disability and has been an artist for over 8 years. She loves to draw and create. The images, shapes and feelings you embody when looking at her work is truly special. While she has a hard time communicating verbally, her art has a way of connecting with people and communicating on a whole other level.

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